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Kripalu yoga and Amrit Desai - Free Essay Example

Amrit Desai is the original founder of Kripalu yoga, he came to the United states in 1960, he had a passion for yoga and came to Philadelphia for the college of art. Amrit Desai was inspired by his guru Swami Kripalu and he wanted to continue the teachings and practices that he had learned from him and share them with the rest of the world. While in Philadelphia, Desai taught many students around the area, he eventually left with a small group of them to go and establish a residential yoga retreat center in Sumneytown, Pennsylvania, which is also known as the first Kripalu Center (Kripalu 1). In 1974 they decided to change the name of the non profit organization, It was now called the Kripalu Yoga Fellowship, this was due to the fact that they wanted to put emphasis on propagating the teachings of Swami Kripalu through residential retreats, depth programs, and the training of Kripalu Yoga teachers (Kripalu 1). Swami Kripalu purchased another facility in Summit Station, PA, in 1975. This soon became the first full expression of the Kripalu vision for a residential yoga, health, and program center (Kripalu 1). The summit had a very inviting atmosphere containing students housing, prepared meals, group yoga instruction, and a holistic-health center that provided massages along with other services. The health center was known as the origin of healing arts, which to this day is a major part of the foundation of Kripalu yoga as a whole. Swami Kripalu didnt arrive to the U.S. until 1977 and then past away after his time at summit station. In 1983 Kripalu found its permanent home in Massachusetts. Kripalu yoga is a style of yoga that was branched from the influences of the teachings of Swami Kripalu. Swami Kripalu practiced guru-discipline yoga. His primary teachings included healthy lifestyle, self-observation, the power of Prana, service, compassion for self and others, and role of spiritual centers. Kripalus Science of Meditation teaches sit down and say a prayer, take ten deep breaths, let go of any attempt to control, meditate for at least one hour, and end with a prayer of gratitude. (Kripalu 1) The yoga style stopped being religious in 1999 and steered towards a direction of educational programs and spiritual retreats. Kripalu yoga is a style of hatha yoga. Hatha literally translates to forceful in Sanskrit. Hatha yoga is an old system that nearly every style of yoga falls under. Hatha yoga includes a combination of Asanas and Pranayamas and prepares the body for a meditative state. Kripalu has the distinction of being the first, and possibly the only, yoga center in North America to survive the transition from a traditional guru-disciple structure to a secular, all-inclusive center for yoga, health, wellness, and lifestyle change. (Kripalu 1) Nonetheless, Kripalu yoga branched from a traditional style of yoga influenced by the teachings of Swami Kripalu himself, but it has become modernized into an inclusive style of yoga that promotes healing, education, and empowerment. In 1960 Desai taught yoga classes and formed a non profit organization with nine other people called the Yoga Society of Pennsylvania to advance the philosophy and science of yoga. After a few years, the Yoga society was offering 150 yoga classes a week with a good amount of trained teachers trained by him, and made books and other educational resources for students. In early 1983 Kripalu bought its current and permanent home in Stockbridge named Shadowbrook. This was because the Kripalu community was overflowing the Sumneytown and Summit Station facilities. Because of this facility the staff was now able to offer a innovative curriculum of programs on yoga, personal growth, health, spirituality, massage and bodywork. During the 1980s, Desai became an international figure in yoga, delivering talks, performing yoga demonstrations, and leading seminars worldwide.(Kripalu). During the 80s, Amrit Desai became an international figure for yoga, having public talks, leading seminars globall y. The Kripalu community grew in size until it contained more that 350 residents. After a while in the late 1980s they put more effort to combine the teachings of yoga with science, psychology, and Western approaches for healing and self-development was . The teachings of this type of yoga was increasingly expressed by Western teachers in language that engaged with the living world. In 1990, Ashrams (different type of yoga) network expanded to include a huge number of Kripalu teachers throughout the world. The year after The Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association was made to coordinate training and professional development by certified teachers of the yoga. The 2,200 members of KYTA and the thousands of students they touch each week remain a vital part of the Kripalu mission (Kripalu). Since Desai had sexual relationships with a few female Ashram residents he resigned and now there is no official relationship with Kripalu and Desai now. Between 1996 and 2004 launched Kripalu as a globally identified yoga retreat and experiment program center. Kripalu Yoga reaches out to a wide mix of teachers from other training and traditions to expand its curriculum and grow the number of people interested in yoga, health, and personal growth. During these years Kripalu officially stopped being a religious order and got restructured. Now the non profit organization offers spiritual retreats and a wide curriculum of educational programs. Once the Board of Trustees hired a new CEO and president for Kripalu the program strengthened, relationships with top presenters were refined, attendance for the program increased by a lot, which let the organization thrive and expand. In 2009 they got a housing building called The Annex for Kripalu guests and students since they were growing so m uch. In 2012 they had two men help Kripula to imagine and build a better and deeper expression of the yoga for the modern age. Those two men were David Surrenda and Richard Faulds, who were already CEOs of their own company. Because of the direction they were taking it, Kripalu has strengthened Kripalus innovative programming offerings and curriculum development as well as the Schools of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Yoga Therapy, and the Institute of Extraordinary Living, positioning Kripalu to make an even greater impact in the world (Kripalu). As of now Kripalu is lead by Dr Barbara Vacarr and still evolving and growing. Kripalu works to make and support a compassionate, awakened and connected world. Dedicating themselves to empower people and communities to understand their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga. Yoga as a practice is often used for physical benefits related to reducing stress and blood pressure and increasing relaxation, flexibility, strength, endurance and energy levels. Kriplau is similar to many styles of yoga and it uses the body as a way of accessing your spiritual being, emotions, and mind. It is often called the yoga of consciousness because it places an equal balance and importance on the mind, body, and spirit. The practice of Kriplau teaches the you to find help from yourself rather than relying on guidance and help from external sources, like other people. You learn to be open to what others have to offer without giving away your powers to reason, discriminate and make your own decisions. At the same time, you are also establishing an intimate and nurturing relationship with your body, (Parnell 3). Kriplau is a challenging approach to asana yoga practice which emphasizes meditation, breath, and encourages inward focus on oneself. In Kripalu yoga, the person is enc ouraged to hold poses to release emotional burdens. This is similar to asana yoga where the person is also focusing on releasing energy while holding specific poses and positions. There are three different stages involved in Kripalu yoga. The first stage, willful practice, focuses on learning the postures and exploring what your body is capable of. The second stage, willful surrender, involves holding the postures for an extended period of time, while learning how to concentrate and release unwanted emotions. The final stage, meditation and motion, focuses on meditation while moving. This is where movement from one posture to another occurs unconsciously and spontaneously (Yoga Disciplines Different Types of Yoga 3). The practice of Kripalu yoga as a whole can invoke physical healing, psychological growth, and spiritual awakening. Patanjalis eight limbs of yoga include yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi. These limbs are not limited to just the practice of yoga, but are tools to use in order to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Specifically, Kripalu yoga is a practice that reflects the third branch of Patanjalis eight limbs of yoga, asana. Kripalu encourages a focus on breathing and meditation. These outward practices of focus and control translate into inward focus and being spiritually aware. A kripalu class typically begins with a pranayama exercise (which are different breathing exercises), and then flows into an asana practice. The practice mostly focuses on the satya portion of yamas. Satya teaches that the individual needs to be truthful in our feelings and thoughts, and translate that truthfulness not only within ourselves, but with those around us. This aspect of yama is important to kripalu because without truthfulness, one cannot grow psychologically and be spiritually aware. Niyama is an integral part of kripalu. It focuses on self discipline and meditation which are two pillars in the practice of kripalu. One of the most important aspects of niyama in relation to kripalu yoga is tapas, which is a sense of self- discipline in order to realize our true greatness. Twisting Chair is a pose that builds heat in the legs while simultaneously pushing out the stagnation that can accumulate in the chest and lungs from excess kapha. Moving from side to side with the breath, as well as longer holds, can be beneficial. Also, headstands are when you reverse the blood flow in the body, accumulated fluid in the ankles and legs (which can be caused by too much kapha) gets the chance to move and drain. Headstand also shifts the tendency of kapha to get stuck in the same old routines, by offering a whole new perspective on the world. A distinguishing factor in the practice of kripalu yoga is that at the end of every class instead of saying namaste, the saying jai bhagwan, which essentially means the same thing (I bow to you, or thank you), but in Hindi instead of Sanskrit.

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The Mtv Show, 16 And Pregnant Essay - 2072 Words

The MTV show, 16 and Pregnant is a reality TV show that depicts the life of teen mothers through pregnancy and the early months and years of their child’s life. In Teen Mom, MTV follows the moms depicted in 16 and Pregnant: Catelynn, Farah, Amber, and Maci on the challenges they face as young mothers with regards to marriages, relationships, family support, adoption, finances, education, jobs, and moving out to start their own families. Throughout the series we learn about the psychological and physical toll pregnancy has on teen moms as well as the struggles of being a teen parent and the importance of a support system in raising a child. This paper examines Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model and research on different families such as single parents, teen parents, and incarnated parents as well as the mental health of teen moms. Although the show dramatizes the issues of being a teen mom, Teen Mom depicts a realistic portrayal of the experiences of teen moms and how the y utilize their family and other professional resources, such as therapy to cope with the challenges they face in relationships, adoption, single parenting, incarceration, and family conflicts. The first teen mom depicted in the episode â€Å"Don’t Panic† is Catelynn, who at 16 years old got pregnant by her boyfriend Tyler. Catelynn and Tyler chose to put their daughter Carly up for adoption, which created lots of backlash from both sets of parents who thought that they should keep Carly. While finishing highShow MoreRelatedTeenage Pregnancy Essay975 Words   |  4 Pagesyoung teenage girl and one day she comes to you and tells you she is pregnant. How would you handle this situation? If you were able to go back in time before all this happened, how would you try to prevent this? Would you even consider making your daughter watch the hit shows on MTV called 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom? What if you were the who is pregnant, or you are the one responsible for getting a young teenage girl pregnant? How do you tell your parents and family? If you were exposed to theRead MoreEssay on Mtvs 16 Pregnant Glorifies Teen Pregnancy1582 Words   |  7 Pagesteenagers. MTV’s show â€Å"16 Pregnant,† which has only been on air since June 2009, is already reflecting the rapid boom in teenage pregnancy across various cities in America. Since the early eighties MTV has been considered somewhat of a cultural phenomenon for American adolescents and its depiction of gender has a strong impact that continues to this day (Holtzman 2000). Created by Morgan J. Freeman (director of teen shows Dawson’s Creek and Laguna Beach), the show â€Å"16 Pregnant† has been said toRead MoreTeen Pregnancy1130 Words   |  5 PagesOctober 2017 16 and Pregnant Does Not Promote Teen Pregnancy There is no question that teen pregnancy is a worldwide issue in today’s society. Every year thousands of young, unprepared teenage girls face the decision whether to become a mother or to give their baby up for adoption for a better life. Some mothers choose to give their baby up because they feel as if they could not give the baby what is needed to have a good life. If you have ever heard of the show â€Å"16 and Pregnant† both sides ofRead MoreThe Issue Of Teen Pregnancy Essay1436 Words   |  6 PagesBeing sixteen and Pregnant Many studies show that MTV’s â€Å"16 and Pregnant† led to fewer teen births. It is thought to be that when teens tune into the show, they learn to practice safer sex. â€Å"16 and Pregnant† was named one of the best ways to campaign about the issue of teen pregnancy. The show was a way to attack the issue of teen pregnancy head on. Comparing to all fully developed countries, the U.S, has the highest rates of teen pregnancy. This was seen as a major problem to many that was awareRead MoreReality Tv1076 Words   |  5 Pagesthe rise. Most channels on television have at least one reality show, from following housewives to remodeling homes of real life families. However, there are some reality programs that display bad examples, especially for young audiences that are keeping up with each episode. On MTV people see girls being drunk in public, addicts doing drugs, and young girls raising babies at young ages; these are situations seen on reality TV shows. Jeremy W. Peters’ â€Å"When Reality TV Gets Too Real† and James Poniewozik’sRead MoreIs Sexual Education A Good Or Bad Idea?929 Words   |  4 Pagesteen pregnancy? On June 11, 2009 a television show debuted named â€Å"16 and Pregnant† which has been one of MTV’s most viewed show (MTV). Nicole Martins an assistant professor of telecommunications in the College of Arts and Sciences at IU Bloomington says â€Å"there are some individuals who believe that this reality TV show is like real life. For them, they were the most likely ones to hold unrealistic perception about teen parenthood (Indiana). Through this show teens across the nation were able to followRead MoreReality Shows : Helping Or Hurting Teenage Girls?1370 Words   |  6 PagesReality Shows: Helping or Hurting Teenage Girls?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  While teenage pregnancy has been on the rise in America since the 1950’s, researchers have been trying to look for an ideal solution that will help solve the problem by declining teenage birth rates. Perhaps there is a potential solution after all. What could this solution possibly be? Well, it might be as simple as the reality shows â€Å"16 and Pregnant† and â€Å"Teen Mom† on the MTV network. Ever since airing in 2009, the shows â€Å"16 and Pregnant† andRead MoreDoes Reality Shows Prevent Or Promote Teen Pregnancy?998 Words   |  4 PagesReality Shows Prevent or Promote Teen Pregnancy? Reality shows that are based on teen pregnancy like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom sheds light about the troubles on becoming a teen parent, finishing high school and struggling to buy the baby’s need and wants. Lately, these shows are stirring a debate if they are trying to support or avoid teen pregnancy. And this topic is important to the public, because it relates to the young community’s future. Young girls and boys can watch these shows and haveRead MoreThe Effects of MTV on American Culture Essay3119 Words   |  13 Pages MTV, formally known as Music Television, is one of the most viewed networks on television today. Roughly thirty-three years old, it has changed the American culture drastically in more than just one way. Specifically targeting teens and young adults, the MTV network provides all of the most up to date gossip on celebrities, highlights the latest fashion trends, promotes versified lifestyles, and defines the music industry of our generation. However, this so-called â€Å"idolized network† has notRead MorePersuasive Essay On Teenage Pregnancy1271 Words   |  6 Pagessituations concocted by the shows creators. (Maasik and Solomon) Next PBS launched reality television shows, followed by MTV. Today a popular reality television show is 16 and Pregnant. It is an American reality television show that aired since 2009. This reality television show portrays the stories of high school teenage pregnant girls and the challenges that they go through. Each episode in the series shows a different teenage girl when she about halfway through her pregnancy. When the baby is about three

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Analysis Of Ballade Of The Poverties And The Men Of...

The Power of Propaganda in Poetry Poets speak their minds on paper through poetry, generating a secret language that needs to be deciphered. Adrienne Rich and Percy Bysshe Shelley both create poems that do not require deciphering since both poets had a contrasting approach. In â€Å"Ballade of the Poverties† and â€Å"To the Men of England,† Rich and Shelley use poetry as a ‘social media’ that airs their concerns to the public. In â€Å"Ballade of the Poverties,† Rich concentrates on the idea that the world around her is getting abominable; everything is losing value. Rich mentions ‘Princes’ in her poem, which is to be understood as the government, politicians, and rich people in general who consume but never produce. Similarly, Shelley expresses the same complications with England as he uses poetry as a tool to create awareness to and for the Men of England. Rich and Shelley both wrote poems that are simple and comprehendible to their g eneration. The success of the poem is accredited to the techniques used to lure and persuade people of their time to issues concerning them. The Rich and Shelley use diction, rhymes, lines, and repetition to protest against the arbitrary episodes of their historical time to settle an inflexible voice and firm tone to the distant audiences. In the beginning of â€Å"To the Men of England,† Shelley beings by questioning the men of England as to why they cater to the lords of England; as he states in the first stanza: â€Å"Men of England, wherefore plough/ For the

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Decisions in Hamlet free essay sample

We as people bear the onerous task of decision-making every day of our lives. Some decisions are small, and thus require little or no thinking, while others are major and require difficult pondering. On the other hand, some people choose to base their actions on whatever their heart tells them to do. They say we should â€Å"trust our gut feeling;† however, our most important decisions in life should not be made based on our inner feelings. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet must decide between avenging his father’s death by murdering his uncle, or letting his kingdom go to the grave father and rot under his uncle’s corruption. When Hamlet is confronted by his father’s ghost and encouraged to get revenge on his uncle, Hamlet assumes that the only appropriate vengeance is murder. This exemplifies Hamlet making a quick decision based solely on his inner feelings. If he had considered all the possible options for revenge, then he would not have gone down a path of destruction. We will write a custom essay sample on Decisions in Hamlet or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The idea of murdering his own uncle certainly gets him contemplating, for even Hamlet knows that he cannot just trust his inner feelings. Hamlet contemplates for quite a while when his passion finally gets the better of him. Hamlet believes that killing his uncle is the only way to bring justice to his father and get rid of the corruption in the kingdom. Ultimately Hamlet gets his revenge, but for a huge price. His friends and family are killed in the process and even he takes his last breath after he kills his uncle. Hamlet could not have predicted the series of events that unfolded as a result of his plans for vengeance; however, all could have been avoided if he had carefully considered all the consequences prior to his decision-making. Sometimes our inner feelings are more biased towards what we think is best for our loved ones or ourselves. We end up taking the path that our â€Å"heart tells us to take† rather than the reasonable approach. Therefore we must carefully consider the circumstances and possible consequences of our actions and choose our actions depending on if the pros outweigh the cons. Important decisions usually mean significant consequences, therefore taking time to contemplate never hurts.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Journal Two Chapters 11-20 Essays

To Kill a Mockingbird Journal Two : Chapters 11-20 By: Saima Vedachhia "Who beat you up? Tom Robinson or your father ?"( Page 251). This is what Atticus question nineteen-year-old Mayella Ewell in court on the day of the trail. In my opinion, Mayella commits a very sinful act by laying false charges against Tom Robinson. The truth was that Bob Ewell had beat and raped his own daughter, Mayella Ewell. The Ewell's are known to be a very disgraceful, lazy and no educat ed family and have almost no reputation in Maycomb. Mayella accuses Tom Robinson of beating her up, raping her and taking advantage of her. But I feel that Mayella is actually the one taking advantage of Tom since he is a person of colour. In court, Mayella is asked a series of questions by both the lawyers, but it seems that all of her answers are similar everything her father says. It almost seems that she was forced to say what her father told her to say or she would have to face the consequences . When she is asked questions about her fath er, she hesitates and looks at her father before answering the question. This is a sign of lying under oath. This can help us understand how Bob Ewell keeps Mayella under his control and makes her do whatever he wants. When Mayella is asked about the incident, she says that she had called over Tom Robinson to help her break an old dresser. Tom was a nice guy and never did anything to Ewell's but Mayella decided to blame him for her father's actions. Although Mayella tries her best not to give any hint of her father beating her, she gets trapped in one of Atticus's questions. Atticus asks Mayella if her father treats her with love and she replies "He does tollable (tolerable), cept when -" ( Page 245) and then stops. Atticus later points out that she was trying to say he is okay except when he is drunk. The words almost slipped out of Mayella's mouth, but she quickly stops herself before she gets herself into any more trouble with her father. M ayella is simply afraid of facing her father face to face and as follow blames his actions on an innocent person. Mayella had bruises on the right side of her face, which shows that someone who is left-handed is more likely to hit that side. Bob Ewell is left-handed, and Tom Robinson does not even have a left hand, in this case, it is obvious that it was Bob is the one that beat Mayella , not Tom. Mayella's statement constantly changes and this is another sign that proves that Tom didn't commit the crime. Mayella seems desperately immature for a nineteen-year-old and her whiny attitude suggest that she just wants to try to gain pity as a rape victim. Mayella Ewell is simply lying under oath because she doesn't want her father to be guilty. It is very sad and shameful that she takes advantage of an innocent person because she knows that he is unable to do anything about it because he's a man of colour. Tom did not do anything wrong to Mayella , instead, he w as trying to help her. Therefore, Mayella's actions and Atticus points prove that it was Bob Ewell who had committed the crime, not Tom Robinson. Bob Ewell is a cruelly a racist man, makes various racial comments during the trial. This makes it clear as to why he would accuse Tom of his own wrong-doings. Although Mayella being abused, lonely and unhappy is quite pitiful, we cannot overlook and cannot pardon her for her shameful charges over Tom Robinson. This makes really disappointed because in Maycomb it's mixed, but the blacks and whites don't live near each other. But they can oversee that the fact a black m an word can dishonest a white man's word.

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Age Of Innocence essays

Age Of Innocence essays Age of Innocence took place in the 1870s in New York City. It starts out with the announcement of engagement of Mae Weland and Newland Archer. Each of which comes from the sturdiest part of their family. Mrs. Manson Mingoll, Maes grandmother is eager to give the wedding breakfast for the couple. Mrs. Mingoll is known by all either by marriage or by reputation. She lives in a big house near Central Park. Mae and Newland are two of the best families in New York to join in marriage. Archers mother and sister were very shy and shrank in society. They often made fun of the under class people. They also liked to make fun of Maes cousin Ellen, which Newland was quick to be on her side. Ellen was married to the Count and they had just separated. He kept her as prisoner to their marriage, which she was not happy . Newland was sure to let his mother and sister know that Ellens marriage problems with the Count were not her fault and women should have the same rights as men. Mrs.Mingoll had a formal dinner for Ellen so that family and friends could meet her, since she had been living in London with the Count. Ellen made sure to talk to Newland that night and they discussed marriage. Ellen wanted a divorce with the Count and Newland, being in the firm, wanted to help her. He advised her she should not divorce the Count because he was liable to accuse her of untrue things about Ellen that would jeopardize her social reputation with family and friends. Another reason Archer did not want her to divorce him was because Archer was becoming part of this family and divorce in a family did not look good to the community. Divorce brought shame to the family and was not accepted in their time. Ellen just wanted to leave her old life behind her and be a normal American. Archer received a letter from Ellen that she has left town to visit some friends for a while, which Archer leaves immediately and goes to see her. He t ...

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Karl Heinrich Marx Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Karl Heinrich Marx - Essay Example Marx’s theories argue that all societies advance through the language of class struggle: a disagreement between the class that is in charge of controlling the society’s production (ownership class) and the lower class responsible for labor input. He called capitalism â€Å"dictatorship of the bourgeoisie† while criticizing the society’s then-current socio-economic status which the wealthy classes were running purely for their own interest (Mehring 47). He predicted a replacement of the socio-economic system with socialism system after its destruction brought about by an internal tension. In the â€Å"dictatorship of the proletariat†, the working class would govern the society under socialism. He also believed that socialism would be replaced by communism eventually, a society that is stateless and classless. Despite strongly believing in socialism and communism, Marx fought for the implementation of socialism with the argument that both the underprivileged people and the social theorist are accountable for bringing about transformation in the socio-economic form by getting rid of capitalism. Marxist concepts were adopted by various revolutionary socialist in different countries by the 20th century. This resulted in the emergence of socialist states, for example, the Soviet Union (1922) and the People Republic of China (1949). His ideas also influenced various workers’ parties and labor union all over the world. Marx is one of the most prominent figures in the history of human. However, since 1989, Marx’s influence went down after some of his predictions got nullified by the revolution of 1989 (Wheen 29). The philosophy of Marx has various interpretations both from Marxist interior and exterior movement. Some philosophers have separated the work of Marx into a â€Å"young Marx† and â€Å"mature Marx†. Other philosophers have classified Marx’s work as purely economical work, philosophical works, historical and political intervention. Therefore, Marx’s philosophy is inextricably connected to his workers’ movement historical i ntervention. An example of this is the ‘Communist Manifesto by Engels’ and the â€Å"critique of political economy†. The philosophical roots of Marxism resulted from three sources: the French republican and extremism, English political economy and the philosophy of German idealist. Even these three sources model is oversimplified as it still holds some truth. During his early career as an intellect and an activist, Marx created an ample theoretical understanding of reality in politics by radical and critical adoption of the thought categories of a German idealist from 18th and 19th century, the most significant one being the Appropriation of Aristotle’s Organicist and Essentialism by Hegel (Wheen 18). Marx analyzed four contributions that Hegel made towards people’s philosophical understanding. They include Aristotelian Essentialism and organicism, the progressing of the world through stages, the difference existing between historical (dialectical) and natural change and finally the thought that historical change is brought about by the thing contradicting itself. Marx polemic with his fellow thinkers was mostly through critique which made him popular as the first to implement critical method into social science. He criticized philosophical